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Kyle's Movie Journal [userpic]

That's a wrap, folks! All future reviews will be available at:


I will no longer be cross-posting reviews! Bye!


This makes me so sad :(

I much prefer letterboxd's interface, and cross-posting is such a PITA.

I know, but you're basically the only one I follow there, so I have to remember to log in to see your reviews. I liked when it just popped up here, but I understand!

Maybe I can batch post reviews once a week or something instead of individually. That might make it simpler and less annoying. Also, more people need to join letterboxd! I write all these reviews on LJ, but nobody else really has a movie journal for me to read their reviews!

No, don't worry about accommodating me - I've added you to my bookmark toolbar and I'll check in cause I love ya :)

I was keeping a movie journal for a little bit, but then I got lazy.

Well, stop being lazy! I care about your reviews!